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From Business Start-up to Financial Security


We passionately seek ways to make life better for those around us, with a Vision of a world where everyone is able to get the help and clarity they need in order to experience peace of mind in all areas of their life. 


Our Mission is to develop a global corporation that will provide the world with a comprehensive set of ways through which life’s challenges can be overcome and peace of mind experienced by all those who seek it in all areas of their lives.


We are convinced that focusing on the Business Start-up Owner is a good place to start making life better, because of their inherent intention – to make other people's lives better too, through the services and products they provide.  So long as the Business Start-up Owner is enabled to do what they do best, only good can come of our combined efforts.


We all know that at least 50% of business start-ups fail within the first 4 years.   An alarming statistic, but one that is all too real.  We want to help increase the number of business start-ups that succeed. With the right kind of help, we believe that this statistic can and will decrease within our sphere of influence.


Our studies show that business start-up leaders could use help with the ‘viable business plan’, that document which can either make or break a financing deal.  This is a key outcome of our product, but there is so much more in it. We start off enhancing your power to be the best you can be, and guiding you to build a business that brings out the best in you. After that, as you will find out, "the rest is history"... 


Balancing life and business, finding the power within yourself to propel your business forward, realizing your life and business vision step by step.  These are just a few of the outcomes of this product which we hope you will register for, and with a little hard work, find out how much better life can be not just at the end of the journey, but along the way as well.  Building a Business with power and clarity is so much easier!  This way you can get ahead and be among the best.


The Path of Hope is a division of Come Walk With Me Limited.  Our Head Office is in Moshi, just 15 minutes from the centre of town.


We value Clarity, Honesty, Wisdom, Peace, Care, Discipline, Positive Intentions, Good Health, Reliability and Trust.  In living these values, we work with you 1-on-1, paying special, personal and individual attention to you so that you experience personal fulfillment and business success.


It is time to make another bold step, and find out how life can be better.


Register now for a consultant to get in touch with you and help you take the next step towards financial security.

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